From May 1968 to December 1993, almost 25 years, I worked as civilian at Directorate of Engineering & Housing (DEH).

As a member of Harnack House Officers and Civilians Club  my beer mug was displayed in the wooden cabinet in the hallway to Fiddlers Green Bar.

I was a member of Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E.).


I was born in December 1946 and grew up in Berlin-Lichterfelde. My Kindergarten was at Kadettenweg next to Lindas Lounge. On my way to the Kindergarten I saw lots of american soldiers driving in Jeeps or Buicks. I lived near RTO, every evening the military train left Berlin. Very often I enjoyed the leaving train and the music which was played. The last songs were "Das ist die Berliner Luft" and "Auf Wiedersehen". Sometimes, when bigger ranks left with the train, the Army Band was playing, and rarely all MP-Cars arrived and switched on their  flashing blue light and siren.

In May 1968 I was looking for a better job. I went to the Personnel Office of the Berlin-Brigade at Saargemünder Str. and filled out the application form.

I started my new job at Directorate of Engineering & Housing (DEH), Utilities Division, Electrical Branch as Electric Motor Repairer.

In 1973 I got the foreman position. Our group was responsible to do the preventive maintenance work on all electric motor driven equipment in all US-Installations.

In 1979 I got the supervisory position of the Electrical Mechanical Branch (Utilities Div.). Now I was the Supervisor of four teams: Electric Shop, Motor Repair Team, Kitchen Equipment Team and Elevator Repair Team.

End of 1988 I changed to Management Engineering & Systems Branch (MESB) to work as an Industrial Engineering Technician. I learned a lot about computers, I worked with the IFS-Program (Integratd Facilities System) and was the point of contact for the correctness of the database for the DEH IFS Data. I liked the work very much. I had a nice and friendly supervisor and other colleagues.

In 1992 I changed again and worked as Project Manager for Job Order Contracting (JOC), which was part of Engineering Plans & Services Div. at DEH. We made contracts for renovation work. I worked there until 31st of December 1993.