Roosevelt Barracks

The complex now known as Roosevelt Barracks was built in 1884 to house a Royal Prussian Guards Regiment. It was used for this purpose until the end of World War I, when it was occupied by Berlin Police units. It later became site of the German Army Ordonance School, a function it served through World War II.

The complex was confiscated by U.S. forces on 3 July 1945, the day that American main units moved into Berlin. From 1945 to 1950 it was occupied by elements of the United States 3rd and 16th Infantry Regiments. From 1950 until 1991, it was home of the 6941st Guard Battalion - a predominantly German unit assigned the mission of providing security to U.S. installations - and other miscellaneous units, including German police, who occupied roughly one-half of the installation.

In early 1991 the Guard Battalion moved to Andrews Barracks to make room for the Headquarters of the Bundeswehr Regional Defense Command in Berlin.

The barracks take their name from Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who served with distinction in both World Wars, receiving the Medal of Honor posthumously in September 1944.

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